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e-TestLab - An Assessment and Recruitment Solution

With expertise in Corporate Traing and e-Learning Enterprise-e-Soft has come out with a web-based tool called e-TestLab that will enable organizations to identify whether their intellectual wealth is in line with the organizational standards. This will enable organizations to objectify critical decisions like assessments, knowledge transfer, employee skill enhancements etc.

Today Organizations are looking forward to better efficiency and quality and reduction in operating costs. Hence Organizations are looking forward to Process Automations, Bettering the ROI and Improving the Workflow.

The major asset of any IT Organization is its employee's intellect and their skill sets. Technology inherently brings obsolescence and this brings in a major question how to keep the skill sets of the employees on par with the current trend. IT Organizations are continuously challenged by the following questions. 

  How to utilize the talent objectively, and grow with time?

  How to manage the vast knowledge base with regard to deploying teams, assigning tasks, and marketing skills?

  How to make sure that the star performers are identified, rewarded, and motivated to repeat their performance?

  How to enable employees to envision their growth in the project objectives they are working for?

e-TestLab  - A Solution:

e-TestLab, an Employee assessment and recruitment solution brings in answers to these questions. With its self-assessment tests it brings in focus on the technologies helping employees to identify their capabilities. This provides IT organizations a flexibility and ease of identifying or enhancing its employee's skill sets. The features include

  Comprehensive Question Bank - e-TestLab comes with a built in comprehensive question bank of over 20000 questions in various technologies and domains.

  Ready to use - A simply intuitive easy to use interface promises zero learning time to use the product, comes along with predefined tests and reports all set for a stage ready to use.

  Fully customizable - Test can be built from scratch, choosing questions from over 20000-question databank. Features like setting the time limit, question complexity etc gives an edge for the employer to give a more customized approach to diversified set of employees. Marks can also be assigned to questions / Tests based on complexities.

  Customizable Question Bank - The question bank containing comprehensive questions ranging different technologies and domains needs less customization. But if the employer chooses to customize the existing question or add new ones can easily do so with minimum efforts.

  User Management - The tool holds a user database itself. This enables the tool to keep track of the users for as long as the admin of e-TestLab wants to hold the data. Users can be created and manipulated by a user with admin privileges.

  Report Management - Report allows viewing and analysing results of different employees and an employee over a period of time. This gives the employee to see himself his progress and an employer to judge the learning capability of an employee and his suitability across different domains/projects. The user can also view the test reports immediately after the test.

100 concurrent user support* - e-TestLab is built in to support 100 concurrent users.

* - This could be scaled up to any no of users based on requirement. This is possible as it is a web-based application.

Future expansion:

As we come with a vast experience in the learning & teaching Industry we can expand the same tool into an online learning tool. We want to do this in our future releases & extend this facility to any corporate house anywhere. As we have developed this tool using Microsoft technology & this is also a component-based system the extendibility of this tool with out much of replacement at the client site is possible.We also want to support the tool by constantly developing new questions on existing & new technologies.

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