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e-SoftView - A Training Platform
With our vast experience in e-Learning and corporate training, we have now arrived with a new platform called "e-SoftView", adding a new dimension to training and e-Learning.
e-SoftView complements and reinforces the existing Classroom training and e-Learning.
Having close to a decade of experience in training & learning services we strongly feel that the classroom training can never be eliminated. However we know that there is definitely a scope to compliment such training programs in multiple ways. Our efforts in this direction have given us the strong conviction backed with the relevant knowledge for developing such platforms for bettering the learning experience. This platform along with the content presented in the multimedia format tries to take the learning as close to a classroom session as possible. e-SoftView is a self-paced learning platform providing infrastructure to the corporate or individual, for maximization of their training expenditure.

  A multimedia experience of learning
  Capability to navigate through the chapters at any instance
  Content Encryption for better security
  One time web based registration for tool and content
  Light weight application


  Better mileage for the training expenditure

  Self paced learning

  Infrastructure optimization

  Logistics problems reduced

  Time saving

  Customized content creation

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